How to Properly Care for Your Bed Sheets

Before jumping into proper sheet care, it is worth noting that the quality of your bed sheets will play a large roll in the importance of these tips. We are big fans of investing in high quality sheets less often. Purchasing quality bed sheets is step one. Step two is taking great care of your investment. Taking care of your sheets will allow you to feel and appreciate the quality, as well as prolong the life of your sheets. If you care about taking better care of your sheets, you are our people! 

Wash your sheets every week  |  If you want your sheets to last, start washing your sheets every week. You might be thinking "won't the fibers break down faster with more frequent washings?" For low quality sheets, this is in fact true. They tend to ball up and thin out, leaving them more susceptible to tearing. High quality sheets, however, use the highest grade of cotton fibers and are strong enough to withstand many washes. In fact, higher quality sheets get softer and more comfortable each time they are washed! You will enjoy sleeping on your clean, fresh sheets far more than sheets that have not have been washed as frequently. Not used to washing your sheets that often? Work it into your Sunday morning routine and reward yourself with a Sunday afternoon nap!

Wash your sheets in cold water  |  There is a common misconception that to get fabrics clean, you have to use hot water. This is not the case. Additionally, washing fabrics in hot water can have the same effect as drying fabric using high heat; breakdown of cotton fibers. Washing your sheets in cold (or warm, if you must) water and drying on low heat will maintain the integrity of the cotton fibers and threads in your sheets. Want to take it to the next level? Skip the dryer and line dry your sheets.

Replace your sheets every two years  |  On average, we spend somewhere in the neighborhood of 5200 hours sleeping on your sheets in a two year period. This is often the point when, after washing and regular use, fibers start to break down and show signs of wear. For optimum fabric condition and comfort, two years is usually a good time to consider a new set. It is often difficult for sheets to last this long if they are lower quality so keep this in mind when considering cheap verses higher quality sheet options.

If you are due for a new set of sheets, here are some things to be aware of when buying sheets.

How do you take care of your sheets? Give us your tips and tricks!


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