How to Make Your Bed with Spun Sheets

If you are sick of making your bed, Spun sheets are for you! Putting sheets on your bed is cumbersome, time consuming, and they never actually stay on. Spun has solved this problem by making it easier to put sheets on your bed, keep them in place night after night, and simplify the process of making your bed each day.

The Top Sheet

1. Start by pulling the corners down over the mattress.

The top sheet is fitted to the bottom corners of your mattress. The corner seam keeps your sheet in place throughout the night without restricting your feet from moving freely.

2. Tuck the bottom flap under the foot of your mattress.

The bottom flap tucks far enough under your mattress that the weight of the mattress keeps the sheet secure and in place until you remove it to be washed. The corner seam keeps the sheet from shifting throughout the night.

3. Tug the sheet towards the top of your bed. 

And that's it - you are done! The top sheet fits perfectly on your bed. The side flaps are short enough that you can choose to keep the sides of your sheet untucked and your bed will still look nice and finished, yet the flaps are long enough to tuck in, whichever look you prefer. 


The Fitted Sheet That Stays

The Spun fitted sheet was designed with a strong and durable 3/4” grippy elastic. This feature will keep your fitted sheet from popping off the corners of your mattress or bowing up on the sides.

Directional tags on the top and bottom make it simple to put the sheet on the right way on the first try, rather than guessing and having to remove, turn, and replace the fitted sheet. 

Keeping Your Pillow Where It Belongs

Since functionality is a top priority, Spun also designed a better envelope pillowcase. The discrete envelope case keeps your pillow from sliding out without any irritating seams (for all you pillow flippers). 

 If you are interested in Spun sheets, check them out here


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