Best Window Treatments for Natural Light

Is your bedroom the last room in the house to get design attention? Having a space to enjoy first thing in the morning and at the end of your busy day can be a great way to treat yourself, if done well. A major component of any well designed space is natural light. Natural light can be hindered or enhanced by window treatments. Here are a few ways to enhance the beauty of natural light using window treatments in your bedroom.

Blinds  | Did you know that allowing natural light to enter your home as the sun rises is a healthy habit? Rather than walking up to only artificial light, tip the blinds open just slightly before bed so the soft morning glow can be part of your morning. Blinds are an inexpensive way to dress up your windows

Shutters  | Similar to blinds, shutters  are a classic way to allow light to fill your space while also being able to temper midday rays (not to mention being able to maintain your privacy!). Plantation shutters are a clean look without pull cords or twisting rods, which is especially appealing when kids are running around!

 Curtains |  There is just about nothing more dreamy than a soft, cozy bedroom during that golden hour. Light weight curtains or drapes do more than give you privacy, they create an ambiance and warmth that blinds and shutters just can’t!

Roman Shades  | If you happen to have a window behind or above your headboard, consider roman shades as an alternative to other more bulky options. Roman shades have the softness of curtains, but they fit inside the window frame and have a clean look more like shutters.


Mixed Method  | If your bedroom has multiple window sizes or styles (think sliding glass doors plus a window on the opposite wall), you can get away with multiple window treatments. This approach will add dimension to any design.

What window treatments do you like best for allowing natural light to flow into your home? 


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