5 Tips to a Better Bedtime


You have a lot going on in life and plenty of stressors. Your bedtime should be a time to get away from your stress; when you can unwind and recharge. Having a time and place to go to get away from work, school, to do lists, and rekindle some romance is vital to your physical, mental, emotional, and sexual health. Being able to enjoy your bedroom during a purposeful bedtime as a peaceful space can allow you to more fully reap those benefits. Here are five tips to a better bedtime.

Leave the screens behind | If you have a TV in your bedroom, this one's for you. Since you you are used to flipping on Netflix as you get ready to climb in bed, it may take actually removing the screen from your room to break the habit. In order to maximize your rest and relaxation time, try to avoid screens at least 90 minutes before going to bed. Removing screens from your bedroom will also allow for some much needed quiet time alone, or with your significant other, something most people do not get enough of.

Declutter | See the pile of receipts on the dresser? Or the pile of laundry in the corner? When you walk into your bedroom in the evening and see a list of things you need to do staring back at you, it can be hard to feel calm and restful. Like a TV, clutter can be a stimulus to the brain that you do not want before bed. Make an effort to remove clutter, projects and to do lists from your bedroom by designating another place in the house to serve this purpose.

Keep kid stuff out | If you have one room in the house that is free of toys, crayons and crumbs, let it be the master bedroom. Again, this space should be for you to feel stress free and allow you some adults only time. Take the time to redesignate toy storage elsewhere in the house, and involve the kids in getting their treasures safely put away, well before mom and dad's bedtime.

Set a pre-bedtime | Many busy adults get as much done as possible at night before they allow themselves to head towards bed. This leads to minimal time spent in the bedroom before actually falling asleep, so you are likely falling asleep while your mind is still moving a mile a minute. Setting a pre-bedtime, say 45 minutes before you need to be asleep, will allow you to slow down your bedtime routine. You will likely find that you sleep better, get more sleep, and may even find a few minutes to read or meditate. For busy parents, this time can be some of the only one on one time you get all day!

Revamp your routine | If you have a hard time scheduling bedtime, let alone a pre-bedtime routine, try shaking things up. Start your bedtime routine with something you look forward to doing; reading a good book or slipping into something comfortable. Ask your spouse to join you so you can talk about your day or your upcoming vacation. Whatever it is, chose things to be a part of your bedtime routine that help you wind down and feel restful, and things that you enjoy doing.

Hopefully this helps you look forward to a purposeful bedtime. Comment below with any other tips or tricks!



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