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A Top Sheet Customized For Your Bed

A Top Sheet Customized For Your Bed

We have taken a traditional flat sheet and designed a new top sheet that fits your mattress like it should. The Spun sheet makes it easy to put sheets on your bed, stays in place night after night, and simplifies the process of making your bed each day.

Make Your Bed in Seconds

Make Your Bed in Seconds

Just give a little tug from the top, and you’re done. The days of tucking and folding corners every morning are over. You have better things to do than spend all morning making your bed.

Practical Yet Premium

Practical Yet Premium

Our fabrics are carefully designed and crafted for maximum comfort in all climates. Spun sheets are made from the best cotton and weaves in the world. You will notice the difference!

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  • 100% Supima Cotton

    Grown and harvested in the US under fair, ethical and responsible guidelines.

  • OEKO-Tex Certified

    Our sheets are independently tested to ensure they are free from harmful chemicals. 

  • Fair Price

    We bring you luxury sheets for less, saving you hundreds on department store markups.

We Crushed Our Kickstarter

We surpassed our goal of $10,000 on Kickstarter. Find out why everyone is talking about Spun sheets.

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